The best Love

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Such a wonderful person to share my life with,She brings loads of JOY to my heart,her smile brightens my day 😀 ,thats why i made this whole blog page about her ,she is the best girlfriend i ever had an ever will have 🙂


I love you <3

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I’ve never known a love like yours
Nor thought it could be true,
But every time I kiss your lips
I feel what love can do

With hair like silk
And lips so tender,
Each moment with you
Makes my heart surrender

I couldn’t live, I couldn’t breathe
Without you by my side,
Never will I let you go,
My love will never hide

And in my heart you’ll always be
From now until forever,
No matter what, no matter where
We’ll always be together

ps. I hope we last forever cause your love is just amazing your the sweetest thing since ice-cream 🙂

This is Jasmyne’s bunny,his name is Bubbles!!!!!

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Isent this the cutest thing,i hope it dosent die soon D:,im pretty sure Jasmyne will take good care of it! 🙂

Jasmyne said “Kirby is very stupid”

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I was on the phone and i asked her to give me a sentence and she said “kirby is very stupid”,then i asked her if kirby was stupid an she said “indeed he is”

The girl i wanna marry :]

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I just decided to blog about her cause i love her soo much,cant get her off my mind an i aint tryin to lol..If i could marry her right now i would cause she means the world to me. ❤